Monday, February 18, 2008

Going To The Dentist

Remember how I chipped my tooth a while back?

I went to the dentist to have my molar checked and it seems the problem was bigger than I thought.

After an x-ray was taken of my tooth, it became apparent that not only did I chip my molar but I actually FRACTURED it, and the fracture line went BELOW the gum line this time.

This means that replacing the tooth now would be a more complicated and MORE EXPENSIVE process, because another post would be needed, and I would have to undergo oral surgery before the posts, and eventually the replacement tooth, can be put in place.


I asked my dentist, "So can you just give me a cleaning for now?"

So she proceeds to annihilate the eons worth of tartar and calcular deposits around each tooth.

While she was killing me softly with my mouth open and immobile, she was discussing with me how the oral surgery would go, how it was kind of complicated, how she could do this procedure, but she'd rather just refer me to the more able hands of her also-a-dentist husband.

So I just nod, right? I mean, what CAN I say? She has her hands halfway in my mouth.

So when she got to my upper teeth, she proceeds to tell me that it's true what they say, you lose one tooth for every child that you bear; that after her first child, she herself underwent a root canal procedure, which her very able husband performed, not to worry about her husband, and her husband will come in to take a look at the tooth after she's done.

All I could think of was: So dentists have teeth problems too?!

When she was finished, her husband DID come in, sat down, clucked, and said, "We have to do a crown lengthening procedure because we can't put posts on what remains of that molar."

I said, "So how much would that cost?"

And they gave me a ballpark figure, including the replacement tooth and everything else.

And I said, "OK, thanks, I'll think about it."

And that's what I did.

And that's what I'm still doing up to now.

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