Thursday, January 31, 2008

"I Am Your Brother"

Can you believe the hype that this guy is getting?
I mean there are seemingly hundreds of versions of his song on the web now, it's crazy!
But I am SO happy for him.
After all, how many of us have the chance to actually fulfill our life-long dream?
I mean, yes, a lot of us are very happy where we are right now. I know I am. But are you doing what you really dreamed you'd be doing when you were a lot younger and less realistic?
Well if I was living my dream, then darlings, Brad Pitt would be walking on bended knees towards me right now, apologizing for the fact that he wasn't able to cook my eggs just the way I wanted them this morning. Hmmm.
*Sigh* So much for dreams...
Moving on..
The fact is that no, not all of us get to see the moments that we keep playing so many times over in our heads. But this guy, Renaldo Lapuz, got to wear his all-white pimp outfit, got to sing the song he composed on worldwide television, got to hear the words "hit record" about his song from Simon Cowell, and got to dance with Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, and Ryan Seacrest. He even got a hug from Simon before he left.
Everybody thinks he's one great guy.
And he entertained THE WORLD.
Not bad huh?
Congratulations, Renaldo, and thank you for again reminding us that hey, dreams do come true.

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