Thursday, January 31, 2008

Why This Title?

The first title I picked out was a loooong one, and I couldn't find an appropriate url address for it. It took me about 163 "sorry, this address is unavailable" warnings on the screen, then I became quite hungry. Then it just came to me like the craving I was suddenly having. "I'm so hungry, I'd like ANYTHING with chocolate on it please," I said to myself.
And there you have it.
Chocolate-Coated Glasses.

Incidentally, I STILL haven't eaten anything yet and I'm STILL quite hungry, but I got so excited over the fact that I FINALLY found an available url that, well, my craving would have to wait. Besides, just thinking about the loooong walk downstairs to the fridge is enough to dry up my salivation for chocolate. The Meiji. The Nestle. The Noka. The Ferrero. The Godiva. The Hawaiian Host. The Guylian. The Lindt. The Cadbury. The Ghirardelli. The Hersheys. The Van Houten. The M&Ms. The Milo.

The Milo.
I have no patience to make it into a drink. I just spoon the powdered Milo into a mug until it is 3/4 full, then I just spoon the powdered Milo into my mouth. Mmmm.
And Milo IS Chocolate. Or at least it TASTES like chocolate.

I know what you must be thinking.

No, I did not name my blog as such because I am a chocoholic and this blog is all about chocolate. Although I LOVE chocolate--who doesn't?

And no, even if I write like this, I don't speak with an English accent. (Somehow, I imagine Roald Dahl narrating my thoughts as I write them down. Maybe even Peter O' Toole?)
As is evidenced by my blathering, I am just hungry. Compounded by the fact that it's two in the morning and I have been chronically sleep-deprived for the past 10 or so years--all of that makes for one odd blog title. :)

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